Observatory/Dome related feature suggestions

Couple of suggestions to help improve interfacing with observatory/dome equipment:

  1. Add a “Park” button to the observatory interface (Control Panel, “Other” tab). At the very least, it would be useful for manually testing the observatory’s response to a park command issued by SGP.

  2. Add an option to manually “Home” the observatory during a sequence - and SGP then prompt to wait until end of current image capture (similar to what it does for Centering/Auto-focus). Perhaps this is desirable for Domes only - in my case the dome will go to home position (as detected by sensors) and then immediately slave back to the mount’s position. Has the effect of correcting the dome’s centering to the mounts position, if it was losing track.


+1 on this

I’d recommend slaving to the mount and then parking/unparking the mount to duplicate this behavior (as that is how it works internally).

I’m not entirely sure I’m following how this would be used. Are the dome and mount out of sync and you’re wanting to home the dome so it resyncs with the mount? Are you still able to guide at this point?