Observatory problems

I have used my setup for two years now with no major problems
SGP ,SKYX,Paramount MX, Pulsar Observatory.
About 3 days go when I tried to take an image on the east side
It slews to it correctly but when it tries to run the centre action it slews to the opposite side of the pier. Have synced it back but again after centre instruction off it goes again.
It works perfectly on the west side.
I would also point out that pier flip did work ok most of the time.
I have dome control on SKYX which works ok , so I am ruling out a problem with ASCOM or Pulsar
Could someone tell me how to report a problem. It is under SGP help menu as I did make a report. Not heard anything yet but it has only been two days.
I did pay the new fees. I don’t fully understand the service improvements

I’m using most of the above, but a ROR. Is your Dome control in TSX an X2 plugin? If so, that does not use ASCOM, in which case, ASCOM may still be the problem.
The key question is what has changed (driver, SGP version, ASCOM platform). Even if you re-install the same ASCOM platform, I think it overwrites the settings held in its profile store.

Hi Buzz
The observatory works perfectly with SkyX software but cant do a pier flip with that software
Like I say it was fine for 2 years
Would you know why no one from SGP has replied or contacted me? I paid for priority service.

I’m just a user Kieron - one thing I know about TSX and its ASCOM driver is that it has its ‘moments’ that catch us all out. Have you checked the ASCOM settings for TSX - if there is an exception to a command, the driver assumes the function is not supported and cancels it in its properties. For instance, I have to reset ‘can home’ and ‘direct guide’ every month or so.
One thing you can do to help resolve your issue is to pull your log files - without those, unless it is a glaring issue (which, if it was, would be affecting more users), it is quite hard to pin down. It helps to pull out the log file for TSX too (assuming you enabled it in the ASCOM driver). There is also a facility to raise a problem directly from within SGP, which automatically pulls its log file.

Have you made any other changes by chance - like ASCOM 6.5 SP1 - sometimes these programs trip over themselves and a few other users have had other issues that were fixed by reparing the platform installation.

I replied on your support thread.