Observatory settings - POTH forgets there is no shutter control?


My observatory has a dome whose rotation is managed by MaxDome II; this is shared to all interested programs via Plain Old Telescope Hub (POTH) - as the newer Device Hub has multiple issues for N.I.N.A. and MaximDL.

The issue I am having is even though I have set up that the Dome has no shutter control - multiple times - these settings don’t seem to stick. So when SGP connects to the observatory I guess it tries to open the slit - this fails and then the imaging run fails with an Obseratory failed to open message.

Is there any way around this that anyone knows (beyond not telling SGP I have an observatory? I will reach out to the ASCOM support group and see if they can figure out why the legacy POTH doesn’t save its capability settings!

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Windows 11 Pro
Ver: SGP

Maybe I’m missing something, but if the rotation is controlled via MaxDome, and there is no controllable shutter, then what are external programs able to control? Maybe just leave the observatory so that it’s not connected in SGP? I couldn’t see the observatory connection being very useful in SGP given it’s not able to control those two things.

Currently SGP does assume there is always some type of shutter to control either for a Roll Off Roof or for an observatory.


Hi Jared,

Was kinda my thought too. For completeness I added it - but this lands squarely on the ASCOM developers I reckon. I don’t konw if POTH will recieve much attention since everyone is keen to be on Device Hub.
I have encountered a few other errors with how they store a Domes geometry - since fixed by them in the latest beta. If they update the shutter controls I will test and notify folks!

Bob Denny says the driver is pass through - but I have told MaxDome it has no shutter control - but this doesn’t seem to being passed through to POTH?