Odd behaviour with slaved dome (ROF)

Windows 8,1 z64
SPG Beta v2.4.2.4

I have been setting up SGP to control my roof on my ROR obs, the software behind this is my own so I may well have an issue but at a loss as to why.

I have setup SGP to link to my driver, set it to roll of roof, and enabled open/close the roof when the mount unparks/parks waiting for scope to park first.

The first thing is the slave tick box never seems to get remembered and I have to tick that each time, not sure if that is something I am not setting correctly in the drivers as far as CanSlave and Slaved properties, both return true currently or a funny with SGP.

If I use the open shutter/close shutter from the control panel all works as expected, if I run a sequence the roof opens and closes along with the scope unparking/parking.

If I just unpark the scope from within SGP then SGP freezes completely and has to be killed, the last lines in the log file are

[10/08/2015 21:23:56] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] ASCOM Telescope: OpenShutter command sent.
[10/08/2015 21:23:56] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Waiting on Obs Shutter to open before unparking scope.

The question what is the difference between in sequence uparking slaved behaviour and manual?

Here is a link to the log of a sequence run, starts at 21:30:01

I can supply more information if required.



Do you need to slave a ROR at all? That’s for adjusting the azimuth of a dome and a ROR may not implement azimuth - this one doesn’t

[10/08/2015 21:27:26] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] Dome: CanSetAzimuth is false

I only need the shutter control part, open the roof when the mount unparks, though currently I manually open early to allow cool down , automatic delayed start is scuppered by the warnings. More importantly is roof closes at sequence completion, be it just ending or via one of the safety systems.

For this to happen you have to slave to limited Dome driver, it all works apart from when you manually unpark mount, to be honest it is not an issue for me but sure SGP should not freeze.

There seems to be no change in behaviour between having the CanSlave and Slaved properties returning true or false so guess SGP is not looking at these. When you set SGP to slave to the Dome(ROF configuration) the visable change to the driver is SGP calling ShutterStatus every 10s.