Offset display problem QHY 268M

I have been having a problem with my QHY268M camera for a while now. Re installing the drivers from the camera because I had a problem displaying the correct number of positions in the filter wheel and got the gain and offset a bit mixed up. I now have a problem matching the calibration frames.

I noticed that in the FITS header I can’t see what offset the camera used. When I tried with keywords to force the offset to be displayed in the file name the offset appeared as offset_NA. Additionally, when trying to set the offset in the event options I have a grey selection option.

When I open the camera options window, in the driver where it shows me the camera selection options it says QHY 268C …(and I’m using QHY 268M) strangely the camera is working normally.
I used EZCAP for testing, it sees the camera as QHY 268M and in the file name it writes the offset but you can’t see it in the FITS Header. what could be broken?
I have the latest AllInOne drivers uploaded, and I’m a little confused about the camera name in the ASCOM driver.

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I would recommend either a complete removal of the ASCOM package using their ASCOM removal tool, or going into the ASCOM Profile Exploer tool and see if you can remove any duplicate or “C”s in Camera or Chooser. Reinstall.

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Thanks for your help. Everything is back to normal. I did as you wrote.

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