Olympus OMD linup supported?


To my knowledge their is no astronomical software that support the Olympus OMD lineup.
It really to bad, Olympus came a long way and probably performing very well…

I am working on modifying an O-MD E-M10 to test it…

Any chance of seeing Oly to be supported?



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Initially, I will say that we probably won’t add support for Olympus cameras. That said, if we get enough requests for it, we usually will. All depends of the public desire for this type of support…

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I would like to have Olympus support in SGP. I have been controlling my OMD EM5 using triggger trap and an old ipod touch that is attached to the scope with velcro. While this setup works it would be nice to have dithering and focus control. Has Olympus released an SDK?

I think they do have an SDK. Please continue to pile on here if this is a desired feature… it’s the only way we’ll know.


That said, I followed the developer link on the page and it is dead so I’m not really sure where to get it (assuming we would look into this at a later date).

I think that SDK is for their 4/3 camera, not m43. The computer requirements in that press release are a bit dated.

They have an SDK for the Olympus Air 01 camera, but it looks like its only for android/iOS. Too bad because the air 01 may have been a nice camera for astrophotography.

Thanks Ken for looking into it.
I have abandon my project of modifying the EM10, it does not support Olympus remote capture.
Will get back at it at a later date.
Yes I also believes that the SDK is for the older four third line up.

dsidote, yes the Air 01 is an interesting concept… I will certainly look into that at one point

Hi Ken, Add my vote for SGP Olympus support. Oly & Panasonic m43 systems have wonderful lenses and already good sensors that are getting better - if SGP added Olympus support, think of all the additional great stills and videos the world could see.

Reviving this thread, hopping others will come forward…
I just modified an Olympus OM-D E-m10 II and it is very promising!!!

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I would like to use my OM-D EM-1 MkIII

thx , greetings