One shot does not take pictures as expected (same for plate solving)


I’m fairly new to SGP so forgive me if this is a stupid remark. There seems to be a bug in the software when you set your Mirror Settle Time with a Canon 60D. I’ve set an exposure time of 10 secs and when I attempt a One Shot photo or plate solving it flips the mirror, waits the configured time and it takes a photo with a very short exposure (instead of the configured 10 seconds). I would expect a photo with 10 seconds exposure at 3200 ISO?

NOTE: camera is in BULB mode (and works fine for long exposures using other software).

I’m using the latest current version (

I’m puzzled…


You’ll need to have Mirror Settle Time defined in SGP and you’ll also need to enable the feature in your camera for it to work. Sounds like you have it checked in SGP but not enabled in your camera.


Hi Jared,

Thanks for your reply. I haven’t been able to find an option to enable mirror settle time in my camera. BackYardEOS however is able to perform a mirror settle time as it is configured right now??? I’ll leave this option off for now in SGP to ensure it is working as intended…


Yes, it is also possible for us to do this in SGP, we just haven’t implemented it is a special property that varies for almost every canon model.

Here are instructions on how to enable it in camera:


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