Oops I did it again!

The other day I was processing some narrowband images I had taken. I had a set of Ha and a set of OIII. Or so I thought.

I thought something was funny when PI insisted that the OIII frames were actually Ha and I had to create ‘custom’ file types for them.

When I went to do the 2 channel combine something seemed odd about it. The Ha and OIII acted very similar to each other. That is because they were.

The reason is, I had set the suffix for the frames correctly, but forgot to change the actual filter sets!

I realize that maybe you want two events with the same filter for different duration binning whatever. But was wondering if SGP couldent look at the sequence and say “Uhhh all the events have the same filter set! You sure you want to do that?” Especially when you have changed suffixs.

Not a show stopper but would be nice to have a gentile reminder :slight_smile: