Opening file does change its timestamp

I was running a sequence overnight, and when checking on the frames this morning, I opened a few of them via the ‘history’ window. All the files I opened have changed timestamp to this morning date/time. (by timestamp I mean the ‘last modified’ date when looking at the file list on a windows explorer window)
Can you please prevent that :smile:

Image files where looked at and date changed at 5:34am
Log (189.1 KB)

@oguerrea Yes, this is a known issue. We are not currently in a position to prevent this from happening (we use a library to open the files… so, at the moment, have no control over the way in which the library handles the opening process). I would recommend that you either:

  1. Use FITS header information instead of Windows file system data
  2. If you really need to use Windows File System data, add the created date to the file explorer and sort on this (it does not appear to be modified).

Recently I opened a FITS file in SGPro and after I closed SGPro, the “Data Modified” time (Windows 10) changed for the said FITS file.

I examined a copy of the file before the same file was opened in SGPro. Using PixInsight FitsHeader process, you can see that the order of the “key/value” pairs in the header are different. (See attached, Ha_0006 is before, Ha_00061 is after.) But the values are the same.

Anyway, do you still think this is a library problem?
What library do you use?