Optec Pyxis Rotator

Link to logfile containing word doc with highlights and standard file.

I cannot seem to get this rotator to work properly.
Using the framing and mosaic wizard I have the angle of my target at 84 degrees, rotated from zero in the wizard.

When doing center and rotate the rotator fails to move and I get the error msg, “rotator failed to rotate”
I then manually enter the angle and force it to rotate, which it does.
However, after rotation, it is reporting 359.? degrees.
Any rotation commands issued after this are ignored and it will not move.

Ideas ?


This issue has already been addressed in the latest beta. You can use it if you’d like or use the rotator outside of SGPro if you are no into using beta software.

Hi Peter,

I have been using the SGP beta series with my Pyxis 2" and it has been working great and I can confirm Ken’s statement that this issue does not exist in the latest beta.

If you are using PHD2 you can connect the rotator in PHD2 too. That way you do not need to recalibrate PHD2 when the rotator moves. Otherwise you need to recalibrate whenever the rotator angle changes. There is a trick to connecting the Pyxis concurrently in PHD2 and SGP though. The Optec Pyxis ASCOM driver only allows one app to connect but there are a couple ways around that.

  1. Use the Optec ASCOM Server. Select the Pyxis rotator in the Optec ASCOM server, then select the Optec ASCOM server rotator in both PHD2 and SGP. Or,


Thank you both, I will use the beta and alternative driver, I am not averse to doing either.

Thanks again


Hi Andy,
It appears the link to your Alternative ASCOM driver for the Pyxis is not working? If you don’t mind, I’d like to give your driver a try. What I am finding with the Optec server (for the rotator) only allows one connection at a time. This might be a bug in Optec’s sever for the rotator, all of the other devices seems to work. I haven’t sent an email to OPTEC yet but will do so shortly asking, but would be interested in using yours.



Hmm, the link worked for me. If you send me an email at andy.galasso@gmail.com I can email the file to you.



Would it be possible for the powers that be at SGP to add a “LOCK” button on the rotator? Reason being- flats… when doing large mosaics. I get so turned around with the rotator when things get moved. I want to KNOW it locks. I know I can simply disconnect it, but It would be nice to have a little more elegant solution.

OR maybe there is a way for this to happen already? Please advise, and just a thought.