Optec TCFSi (2") set up guide for beginners

Has anybody got an ‘idiots’ guide to getting started in SGP with an Optec focuser - my scope is 770 focal length refractor coupled with an Atik One kit.
I’ve never used automated focus routines before so any pearls of wisdom you an hand out would be helpful :eg: step sizes to use or a basic workflow to start with?

Thanks in advance :smile:

Your focuser isn’t any different than any other one. Have read the manual on how to setup auto focus? Do you have any specific questions?

Download your ASCOM drivers, run SGP, focus manually on a bright star, then start figuring out where HFR 3 is on each side of your focus. Write those numbers down. The difference between them is the total steps… Then divide that by 9 or however many samples you want. 9 is recommended.

Next up do auto focus for each filter and write down your filter offsets.

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RTM sounds rude… I don’t mean it like that :smile:. It’s just easier than you think! :smile:

No worries was just a bit floundering after reading the manual - not an easy read lol :slight_smile: have started the process of trying to ‘train’ the focuser for the rig I’m currently running which has the focal length of 770mm

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Cool! It takes an hour or so to figure out all the values, but once you have them you’ll never change them until you change your setup. You’re gonna love auto-focusing!!!