Optec's Alnitak Remote Dust Cover Support

It was suggested before but I don’t think it’s implemented as yet. The Flip-Flat is supported whereas the Remote Cover is not. Optec makes Flip-Flats only up to 9" or so, anything bigger is just a Cover. Important for fully automated runs on larger scopes that use Optec covers.
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Just installed the dust cover on my scope and i can open/close it fine with SGP.

However, would be good if SGP could support dedicated covers and a flat devices. So using the Aliak cover and e.g. a Artesky USB Flat Fielder.

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Exactly! I’m getting my Alnitak cover in couple of days. Will report how/if it works in SGP.

Just want to report, that Alnitak cover works fine from within SGP. One issue that I have is that I can’t incorporate it’s closure as an “End Of Sequence” event. In other words, I’d like to be able at the end of a Sequence to Park the Scope and Close the Dust Cover. I think many would find automating it useful.

Just thinking out loud. I use a flat panel that uses the Alnitak code to turn on and off the flat panel in SGP. What I always need to do is to always follow my flats with at least either a bias or dark. if I simply do flats and don’t follow the flats with either a bias or dark the flat panel never turns off. So I wonder if something like this might work to get the Alnitak cover to close is to simply after the scope parks to try either a bias or dark frame to see if it closes the cover. Not sure if this will work but thought I would bring it up as something to try


Since I only have a cover (no flat-field illuminator) I could initiate a flat frame to be taken at the end. That closes the cover. But I think it is too artificial and an optional command should be included in SGP as “Close the Scope” action.

I think mine does this already? (ie. closes at end of sequence) - using latest beta

However, perhaps would be better if there was a checkbox/clarity on end-of-sequence actions similar to options for dome (ie. close on mount park etc).


I did a test run last night. Indeed it opens/closes if I’m to start/end Sequence without any additional commands or radio buttons to check. I use
Thank you, Ian