Optimal Exposure Calculator

Does SGpro have a optimal exposure calculator where it checks your sensor, optics, mount and sky values etc?
If not, what tools would you use to get these calculations done ?

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SGPro has an ideal exposure time, but in terms of usefulness, your mileage may vary. The particular method that SGPro uses seems more accurate for broadband imaging than it does for narrowband. I would highly recommend using this value as another input and not scripture.

The link to the paper we used for implementation seems dead, but the value can be found in the Image Statistic module. If you populate all of the required values for your camera, you can just take a 30 sec frame and focus exposure and it will automatically calculate the value.

See the “Settings and Specs” section here for the required values:


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Hello Ken,

I must have missed something then. Where in SGpro can I see the ideal exposure times for my different setups ?


In this module

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Of course :slight_smile: