Option for NAS copy/move

I have noticed that when the download from camera saves to my NAS it takes substantially longer to do this versus saving locally, even though it is currently on a 1Gig Network. It seems to take far longer than it does to manually copy the file.

After speaking to a few people at AstroFest it would appear that N.I.N.A has an option for saving to NAS where it saves the file locally in order to get the next frame under way, and then performs the copy operation to NAS. So I propose that an option for “Save to NAS” does one of the following:

  1. Creates a local copy as well as a copy on the NAS
  2. Downloads the frame locally and performs a “Move” to NAS after the download

In both the above cases, since the file is downloaded locally, it means that the next frame can be started and a background process will either copy/move the file to the NAS share.


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@STAstro I use a Synology DS216 NAS and save files locally but have the Synology Drive app synchronise the local folder with the NAS. You don’t say what NAS you use but perhaps it has some synchronisation app you could use to achieve what you need. My Synology DS216 has been flawless since set up and only took a few minutes to set up.

Doing this also has other uses, for example I synchronise my SGP Sequences to the NAS so I can edit them on any of my Network computers in the house rather than in the cold observatory - by the time I then go out to the observatory they have already synced back to my Astro PC.

Similarly PHD logs sync so I can do analysis indoors, also my Profiles which means I have backups etc.