Option to close plate solve2 window immediately after solving and other feedback

I found this old topic: Plate solve dialog close delay?

Moving from ATP to SGP, it was a big jump in my data acquisition routine, but there are things that more painful to watch:

  • Why does SGP have the 10s delay after the solving is done? My imaging rig usually takes 5 tries before it gets to the acceptable error of 5 pixels. I know the delay can be set via the command arguments when calling plate solve2, why can’t it be configured or reduced to 0s or 1s?
  • The PHD guiding status window is too small, and it doesn’t have scale on x axis
  • I don’t make any changes, I just open an equipment profile to check some parameters, when I close the window, it asks me to save the configuration. This doesn’t make any senses.
  • I have never got a successful autofocus routine with SPG. But with the same set of parameter, focusmax succeeds 100%, N.I.N.A struggles sometimes, but it gets the job done most of the times.
  • Applying an equipment profile to a sequence will reset the user profile in the sequence to none
  • The camera gain and offset values are not visible for each filter. I have witnessed many people forgot to set gain and offset, I myself ditto two days ago when trying imaging with a new rig. We’re all imaging in the dark, so the important parameters should be made available to the end users so they don’t waste their whole night.
  • Image history doesn’t sort ascending or descending of frame number.

I hope that SPG dev team takes my feedback seriously. I like the UX and UI design, but these don’t hold end users if they find the software is not reliable to use. I am a software engineer to, and I believe SGP team can do it better.