Options in pausing sequence

Usually a pause in a sequence is manually instigated due to clouds, a certain parameter is incorrect, focus is off or perhaps the image has drifted due to dithering etc. Perhaps some more options might be available when hitting pause? This could include something like “re-focus and continue with the sequence”, “re-plate solve and continue with the sequence”, or “move to next calibration frame and return to paused state”. The flexibility of moving to a calibration frame on pause allows some hands on control (like switching off the auto pilot) and means a flat box can be added for flats or the scope covered for darks. A return to the pause state would be good to both remove the flat box (or cover) and to assess if the clouds have cleared and the sequence can be resumed.

It moves away from automation but recognizes that pausing is a deliberate intervention in the sequence.

This probably only applies to folks like myself who take flats mid sequence with a flat box to preserve filter position BUT maybe if every time a pause was requested (either via the button on the sequence window or scheduled in event settings) an option would be to run the flats wizard? You’d never actually need to sequence flats then. You’d just get to a pause state, add the flat box, use flats wizard to take x number of flats with the current filter and profile, return to the pause state, remove flat box, and resume or end the sequence?

If such changes could be made to the “pause sequence“ actions then perhaps if the sequence encounters an error, that would usually instigate a recovery action, an option at this point (along with recovery mode) could be to “pause sequence if safe to do so” with the above suggested option of taking flats. Thus, instead of watching for clouds, or trying to notice when the scope goes behind the tree to pause manually, the sequence could automatically pause, notify the error (GNS, email etc.), and a flat box routine can be manually instigated as described above.

This can be achieved other ways too of course. Currently if I notice clouds in time I deliberately change the number of light frames so the sequence jumps to the next flat event which has a pause in event settings. I very much appreciate the effort that goes into SGP from the developers and not keen to make things more complicated than they need to be given SGP had so many contexts it’s used in (backyard, remote, observatory etc.).

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