Even though the SGP treats an OSC and DSLR the same way I am wondering if in general a DSLR is an OSC category type imaging device or an OSC is somehow different from a DSLR.


I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this. OSC and DSLR are similar but different in SGP. DSLR have things like ISO where OSC do not. Also DSLR have the ability to use a remote shutter controller where CCD does not. Really Mono and OSC are pretty identical and DSLR is “mostly the same.”

I will admit that our functionality for DLSRs is likely lacking compared to software that is specific to a DSLR. But what is there should be more than adequate. We tend to focus more time on pieces that are usable across all hardware than specific to one piece of hardware.


The reason for my curiosity is that reading the manual one can get the feel
that they are one and the same or that they are two different machines. I
did a little search online before asking the question and I get the
impression that they are the same “cameras that take one RGB picture at
each shot”.

I am just trying to understand the manual correctly.

Thanks for the replay.


The only similarity between OSCs and DSLRs (besides the fact that they are both cameras), is that both use a bayer matrix on top of the sensor. Beyond this, there are very few similarities.