OT but looking for some guidance

I hope this is ok to ask here on this site. I’ve been using SGPro for over two years and I must say I would not be enjoying this hobby as much as I am if it wasn’t for SGPro, (Great work Jared and Ken!). I’m interested in getting feedback/advice from the imaging folks here on SGP forum on what might be the best camera to purchase given my gear.

Currently, I’m imaging using One Shot Color cameras. I have both a ATIK 383L+ OSC as well as a ASI071 Pro. My scopes are HD11 with a .7X FR, SCT 8” with a .62X FR as well as ES102. I’ve been imaging with OSCs for about 3 years and I’m now ready to transition over to Mono with LRGB. I currently have the 1 ¼” filters and filter wheel but now I need to find a camera that might work best for my setup. I have two mounts, Celestron CGE pro and a CGEM-DX. The CGEpro is a permanent setup in my observatory while the CGEM-DX I take out to the field. I mostly use the HD11 with the FR as well as SCT 8” with the FR, 80% of the time. The other 20% I use the ES102.

The like the ASI1600mm Pro or the QHY version but I’m concerned with the image scale. I like cameras with the ICX694 but the price is a little steep, but doable.

Any thoughts, pros/cons, on these two cameras and are there others I should consider? Any new cameras out there on the horizon that anyone knows of?