Park scope ater sequence?

Just a quick question about auto flats and end of sequence.

If I select the “park scope” option for the last event but have auto flats scheduled to run at dawn, will SGP park the scope after the auto flats are done? or will it park the scope after the last light event and then do the auto flats?

Maybe. I think the tolerance right now is 15 min, but in its current form, when the start time of auto flats is more than 15 min from the end of the last event, the sequence will perform a mostly normal shutdown and then, essentially start up again for AutoFlats. If it’s less than 15 min, it will just stop tracking (I think… I need to check on that). It could definitely be smarter and may be in the future, but right now, AutoFlats does not check if its mount position matches the mount position of the last event.

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OK thank you.
Lately I’ve had park scope and disconnect all equipment Un checked.
I’ll try setting things up on a tighter schedule and see what happens.

So, the last time out I set the image sequence to end (with park scope checked) about 5 minutes before the scheduled auto flats time. Everything worked except the scope was not parked, it was still pointing straight. up.

Would it be difficult to add a Park telescope option to the end of the auto flats routine"

Or, Would adding an event to start after the autoflats end time of say one exposure of 1/2 second with park telescope checked work? or does autoflats automatically wait until all events are complete before running?

Can you tell me if you were running AutoFlats as a standalone sequence or was it part of a normal sequence? I think it’s reasonably straightforward to add to the standalone sequence. I ask the question because adding it to a standalone AutoFlats run is a change request and if they didn’t run as part of a normal sequence, it’s a bug.

I was using it as part of the sequence and not the stand alone.

hmm, ok. This is a bug then. Do you, by chance, still have the logs? End of sequence actions should ALWAYS run, regardless of what kinds of activities you have that might temporarily defer them.

Yes I still have the log.
Is it possible, the scope parks but then un parks to do the auto flats? I kind of looked through the log but to be honest, most of it is gibberish to me.

I don’t have drop box but I can link to the log in my Google drive if that will work. I’ll have to upload from my Astro laptop sometime today.

Yes, absolutely. Despite this, the sequence’s shutdown actions should be honored when AutoFLats is done.

me too!

If the machine has an internet connection, you can just use the built-in issue reporting tool which gives you access to our dropbox.