Parking the mount with CPWI

I recently started using CPWI to run my Celestron CGE Pro (the newer version of CPWI is quite a bit better than the beta version, woot!). It is working quite well so far. However, I’m not sure how to get SGP to tell CPWI to park the mount. In CPWI, I have to hit “Goto Home” and then “Park Mount & Save Alignment” as two separate functions. When SGP commands the mount to park, it doesn’t seem to do anything, and instead just keeps tracking until it hits the slew limit I’ve defined. Has anyone figured out how to make the “park” command work between SGP and CPWI? I don’t mind if I still have to hit “park amount and save alignment” in CPWI before I disconnect, but I would like the mount to go to the home position at the end of the sequence. (The “park” command works just fine if I use the Celestron mount driver directly instead of going through CPWI).

mollycute, did you ever get the park with SGP and CPWI worked out? I have the same issue.
I set goto home with CPWI and then set SGP to “set park” there, but after a sequence or manually parked with SGP it just stays in current position.

SGP uses the ASCOM park command. If the protocol for your mount is different, in so much that it needs a home command before a park command, then I doubt it will work, since SGP assumes that mounts implement the Park command in the same manner. It may also be worth checking in the ASCOM profile if your mount supports the Park command.

This is specific to using Celestron’s PWI driver as opposed to the Celestron Telescope Driver. SGP will home and park the mount with the Celestron telescope driver perfectly, however it will only park with the PWI driver and not go to home first. So I suspect that you’re correct that PWI is not getting the home and park command from SGP. It seems something that needs to be taken up with the Celestron team. Thank you for the reply!

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as far as I am aware, there is no home command from SGP, only park and unpark - I have to home my Paramount from an external app through ASCOM (or TSX)