Pausing between Targets to Manually Rotate

Hi Group,

I want to pause the sequencer between targets so that I can manually rotate my OAG/Guide Camera setup. The purpose is to locate a suitable guide star for the next target.

If All works properly, I believe the setup will automatically act in the following manner:

  1. The system will complete the specified number of subs for the first target.
  2. The system will then pause guiding and conduct plate solving to move to the next target
  3. Once aligned to the next target, the system will conduct an auto-focus.
  4. SGPro will then start guiding, and once settled, will begin imaging the next target

When and what are the steps I must do to manually pause/stop the process so that I can manually rotate the OAG to a suitable guide star, and then resume the imaging?

Thanks for your help.


Here’s one way:
In the FIRST event of your second and subsequent targets, click on the Event Options button and choose “Event Settings”:

Then under the Pre-Event Options choose “Pause Sequence”

This will pause the sequence and wait for you to tell it to continue.

While what Joel says will work… Assuming you are using a plate solver, you really want to be using the “Manual Rotator” Option.

From the user manual:

The issue with the manual rotator is that he may not know the angle he’s looking for when searching for a good guide star. Or am I misreading the original intent?

Could be you’re right… Either way, these are essentially the 2 options you have for pausing to adjust rotation between targets.

That’s what I love about SGP, there’s usually more than one way to do what you want.

Joel, Ken,

Thanks a bunch. I am constantly surprised at how much stuff is hidden away in this software.

Your point to Ken is correct since I will be looking for a guide star at the time of the rotate. And I won’t know in advance what angle to use. I have no tools to predetermine where one might be. I will (hopefully) find that elusive star upon rotation, and then hit resume (yes?).

I think I may not have been clear about my intent. I plan to rotate the OAG/Guide camera, but not the image camera. Your comment about plate solving leads me to believe that the image camera is expected to move to satisfy the input rotation angle. But my hope is to keep the image camera stationary.

Thanks again,