Pausing for Focus

HI a few nights ago I was imaging on the updated my SPG to the newer version. MYT Mount running TheSkyX. Everything was very good!

At what I thought were un predictable times my mount would “pause for focus” and then not go back to the sequence. I lost good imaging time :frowning:

I see this below link. I did have my focus set to refocus ever degree difference. I turned it off in the equipment manager. So I don’t run into this again when I am setup. How do I avoid this pause for focus? But just have the scope re focus and go right back to the sequence? I believe the focus reminder was checked, does that stop the sequence? How do I set the mount to refocus without having to be there to check the “focus reminder” Thank you. Joe

Yes it does, so turn it off if you want the sequence to continue automatically after autofocus.

Thank you I miss understood how it was to be used. I didn’t remember that it stopped the sequence.