Pausing PHD when taking flats

Hi there, I have noticed that when I have a sequence which has a bunch of lights followed by a bunch of flats using a flip-flat, SGP does not pause PHD and this causes PHD to constantly report that the star is lost.

If using a flip flat shouldn’t SGP pause PHD while taking flats and them resume once the flip flat is open again?

No, we don’t really know what your guiding setup is, and you could be imaging after you take flats too. If that’s not the case then you probably want to setup a Pre Event Park on the flats so that your gear gets parked and guiding stops.

Hope that helps,

You are right Jared. There is no way to know whether it’s OAG vs. a separate guidescope etc. And in fact I do have other targets after the flats event.

I guess it’s not super critical. But a pre-event pause guiding option might be nice. Don’t really want to park since targets are close by.

I’m having this issue with OAG and Flip Flat. I like to shoot flats immediately after lights per filter, and with the flap closed and light on, PHD2 crashes. Is there any way to add an optional pause for guiding much like the pause for autofocus? This would help immensely as I now have to stay with the imaging system to manually turn off guiding (kind of kills the whole automated system). Any help appreciated.

@jheely - could you please post your PHD2 Debug Log from the session where PHD2 crashed? If PHD2 ever crashes, it is a serious bug that we would like to fix, and having the debug log should allow us to identify and fix the problem.

I will have to re-create the circumstances as now I monitor the sequence and manually stop autoguiding during flat frames. I can forward a log once generated.

That said would it be possible to just add a pause option for the auto guider during flat frames similar to the pause for AG during auto-focus? That would at least minimize the risk of issues with PHD. The star-lost alarm blares incessantly during flat frames since it’s basically a white-out. Sometimes it crashes, other times I catch it before it crashes. Anyhow, I will forward a long once collected.

If it happened in the last month or so the PHD2 debug log should still be in your PHD2 log folder. If it was longer ago than that, then yeah, I can take a look once you reproduce it.

There is not. This option was added to address an issue with auto focus and OAGs. In general, we do not add options to circumvent software issues. If SGPro is abusing PHD2, we will do everything we can to find and fix it.