PEMPRO Support

I just read that there are plans to support PEMPRO in a future release in the CCDWare forum.
Is this still relevant?
I love the tool and it would be nice to use SGP as the only image capturing software.


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+1 for PemPro support


If @rgralak needs sub-frame support for integration we can take a look at that. I don’t think it would be too hard.

Just took a look at this. It’s been a while since I looked at the API, but we do already support sub frames.

@rgralak if there are other issues preventing integration, please shoot us a note and we will see if we can bridge the gap.

And also, just FYI, I believe PemPro can be used with SGPro as it stands now. I think you can ask PemPro to watch a directory and to fill it with images, you can temporarily ask SGPro to write frame and focus images to disk.

  • 1 for pempro here as well

Please keep in mind that you can already use SGPro and PemPro together through the generic camera interface (on PemPro). No real sense voting on this here. There is nothing else we can do except support Ray if he decides he wants to add a more direct integration (and there is no guarantee he even reads this stuff).

Hi Ken,

I don’t read every message but my email program can filter messages by keywords, and “PEMPro” is one of them, so I usually will read messages with that keyword. Anyway, thanks for adding subframe support. I wasn’t sure if you guys had implemented that until now. Is its ReST API format documented in the help? I’ll download the latest version of SGPro and start working with it.


-Ray Gralak

@rgralak excellent. Seems as though you are the NSA of PemPro (I added this sentence because I am hilarious and so your filter will pick it up).

The docs are here:

You will need SGPro running to access them. There are a multitude of ways to interact with the API. If you want REST, choose JSON in the docs.

To take subframes, you will need two calls:

  1. SgGetCameraProps
  2. SgCaptureImage

Getting the camera props will return the dimensions of the camera and then you can use that to validate the subframe you have requested is in bounds.

Here is a complete example in C# and REST (minus the sub-frames):

Please feel free to reach out to us offline if you need additional features or other help.

LOL Ken!

I did find it already in the help but thanks for the info! :grinning:


@rgralak I went to test this before I sent you on some wild goose chase. Everything looks to be in order except there is a small bug in camera props for ASCOM and QSI cameras. The X and Y values returned are the dimensions of the last image taken (not super helpful). This has been corrected in (out tomorrow).

Also, not documented, the response “NumPixelsX” and “NumPixelsY” properties are native (unbinned) pixel dimensions (meaning the client needs to account for this when requesting binned subframes).

P.S. PemPro

Hi Ken,

OK, thanks for double checking on the API interface. I’ll keep an eye out for the new build.


@rgralak, has been released as beta. In addition to the fix above, I have added a boolean value to the camera props call that identifies if the camera supports taking subframe exposures. Not all cameras do (like DSLRs).


    "Success": true,
    "Message": "Success",
    "NumPixelsX": 800,
    "NumPixelsY": 600,
    "SupportsSubframe": true

If you need anything else in support of integration with PemPro, please let us know and we’ll try and bust it out.

OK, thanks Ken!


I would like to announce that a beta version of PEMPro V3 is available that can use SGPro as a camera. Please try it out and let me know if you find any issues. This is the initial release so I expect there to be some issues as I only used the camera simulator for testing (cloudy skies). If you experience a problem please post the PEMPro log file(s) (“PEMPRO-date-time.txt”) and the debug log (*.log in your //My Documents/CCDWare/PEMPro V3/logs directory.

Note that you need to have a PEMPro V2 license to run the beta:

You can always download the latest version from here:

-Ray Gralak (Author of PEMPro)



Thanks for supporting this. You’re awesome!


Awesome! Looking forward to using PemPro with SGP!


Totally works :). How awesome is this?!

Thanks Ray!!!

Thanks Chris for trying it out!


Hi Ken/Jared,

Would it be possible to add into the SgGetCameraProps request:

  1. A maximum binning value supported by the current camera.
  2. The camera type (e.g. SBIG) so I can provide confirmation to the user of the camera type in use.
  3. If dark frames are supported by the current camera.



This is great news Ray. With the support of sgp in pempro will the lead to sgp support in APCC? I hope so because this is the reason I haven’t purchased apcc. Also will the video interface be added back to pempro v3?