PHD graph disappeared


I tried out PHD2 for the first time. Then having changed my mind and gone back to phd1, SGPro would not start the guider.
When I clicked to start a sequence, I got a repeated error message saying “unable to restart autoguider”. I had to shut down and restart everything, then recalibrate PHD…
I’m sticking with PHD1 for the moment but the graph will no longer display [I get a red box saying No PHD log is available, is logging enabled in phd].
Logging is enabled in phd.
I’m using Version Windows 7.
My main concern is what caused the error as I couldn’t start my imaging sequence (and I don’t want a repeat of that !), but I’d also like to get back the phd graph.

Here’s the log file, thanks - there are two from the night and I think it’s the second that you’re after…

Delete the PHD2 directory in your my documents folder. SGP is seeing that
it exists and will not attempt to find them elsewhere.


Jared Wellman
Co-Founder and Developer

Thanks, Jared, that’s done the job.

Would that also have blocked the sequence from running? (ie the ‘could not restart autoguider’ error message).


No, the graph is completely separate. It would not have caused this issue.


Thanks. Any ideas on what caused the autoguider issue then?

I would guess that the socket got stuck in a weird state and SGP couldn’t communicate with PHD. This happens rarely but it’s difficult to detect programatically as the socket seems to be responding, just sending a 0x00 which is a valid response. I believe that restarting PHD and SGP is about the only way to get things going once this happens.

2.4 will have some experimental PHD2 control in it which should, hopefully, be more tolerant of this. As the responses are now different we can take more deterministic action when something bad happens.


Great, thanks (as ever) for the prompt responses.