PHD2 Calibration takes too long and Interrupts my sequence

I have to calibrate my PHD2 guiding every time I setup as I don’t have a permanent setup. When my sequence initializes PHD2 and calibration starts my sequence always times out and says guiding couldn’t be established and ends my sequence. What is a good workflow to avoid this happening? Should I open PHD2 and calibrate on “any star” in the sky and then initialize my sequence? Or is there a way to make my sequence wait for calibration to be completed and guiding started without ending the sequence? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I connect PHD2 and manually calibrate at DEC0 using a planetarium to slew the mount into position during twilight. I set the option to retain the calibration and shut PHD2 down. I then run the SGP sequence.

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Thank you! I will give that go, that way SGP can just start guiding.