PHD2 Calibration with Manual Rotator and using OAG


I am using an SBIG STT8300 with integrated guiding filter wheel. I am shooting a target where I need to change the camera rotation from what I would normally use and would like to use the Manual Rotator to help with this.

Normally, I calibrate PHD2 early in the evening and then allow it to adjust guiding parameters as dec changes. If I use the Manual Rotator, though, I will need to recalibrate. The only way that I can see to automate this is to enable the option to recalibrate after every target change. Is there another approach that I am missing?

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No. You will need to stop guiding and clear the cal on PHD2 (I think). Then when SGPro starts PHD2 back up, PHD2 will auto calibrate.

I would also suggest that you explicitly calibrate on your own after you rotate the camera. I think it is better to be in control of the calibration rather than let it happen automatically. This will allow you to validate that you have a good calibration and more importantly, if your target is at high declination, you may need to slew to a lower declination to calibrate.

Okay, Thanks for the suggestions @Andy and @Ken.

We have been able to image for the last six nights in a row at OkieTex. Some nights better than others, but all viable.

Amazing how much easier it is to become more comfortable with deploying new features when you have a number of consecutive nights that don’t involve setup and tear-down.

I appreciate the quick responses. Keep up the great work.