PHD2 - Error with Refresh of PHD2 Profile

I have PHD2 running on Windows 8. Using the latest version of PHD2.

Issue is that when I try to configure SGP for PHD2, I get a popup box saying “Timeout! Could not refresh PHD2 profile…”

So in the Install Path for PHD2, I have it set to something like C:\PROGRAM_FILES(X86)\PHD2GUIDING2”
Then when I try to ‘refresh’ the Equipment Profiles in the drop-down right below the Install Path text box and then hit the Refresh button, it still gives me that error.

This happens when I have PHD2 running, the server and logging enabled. Also I have a camera setup in PHD2 and that seems to work and it guides okay from PHD2 using ASCOM on my Gemini 2/Losmandy mount.

I suspect I have the Install Path wrong, but I have no idea where else this could be. The above install path is a valid path, but perhaps the wrong path.

Any thoughts on what is going on?


Yes… sorry about this. This is a bug in the beta that fails to inform you properly that you need to use PHD2 2.5.0 dev5, not PHD2 2.5.0 (this version will not work properly).

Oh. Thank you! I will try that tonight.
I appreciate the reply.