PHD2 - Failure to connect to equipment - Intermittent

I am having an intermittent problem with PHD2 failing to connect to equipment when instructed to do so by SGP. The issue arises when I run a sequence. SGP will start PHD2. On some occasions it will fail to connect to the equipment. To get going I need to go into PHD2, connect and then re-run the sequence. It is not a huge problem - but is an irritation. I should say that if I am just running PHD2, I never have an issue connecting to equipment.

I attach a logfile. The issue seems to arise at 23:06:58.790 when the following is reported: [05/21/17 23:06:58.790][DEBUG] [PHD2 Listener Thread] Failed to establish client connection to PHD2 using port 4400: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Link -

I have had a few similar experiences on the initial startup. It was infrequent enough so I put it down to some kind of timeout caused by some Windows update going on at the same time. It hasn’t happened (yet) since going back to Win7

I’ve not had it for a while now and I think you are probabaly correct. Windows can be infuriating.

Incidentally, thanks for your help with our roof motors. We wired everything up today and it seems to work!!!