PHD2 Issues When Trying to Run a Sequence

Hi everyone,

I was testing SGP tonight and I am having issues with PHD2 when I try to run a sequence. The test object that I was trying to image was Vega. Before I setup the sequence I made sure that PHD was calibrated. When I hit the run sequence button, the plate solving function will run and complete it tasks. Once plate solving is complete I will get a message in bottom left of the corner that will either say guider settling or resuming guider…I can see in the PHD graph in SGP that the guider is running. However, as the guider starts to run the image sequence will not begin. All I get is the same guider message and the whole sequence will get stuck.

So I conducted a test where if I go into the control panel or equipment profile and tell SGP that there is no guider than run the image sequence there is no issue. But if I have PHD2 as the guider option the image sequence will not start.

Any help is much appreciated.



I was getting that a few night ago, It wasn’t anything to do with SGPro\PHD2, as it turned out that the mount was slightly out of polar alignment.

A quick polar realignment, and just to ensure PHD2 was happy, I also re-calibrated it, after that all was back to normal.


Thank you, Julian.

I will recheck my polar alignment tonight and give it another try.


Also, double check you don’t have SGP set to wait for the guider to settle to too small of a value - perhaps your guider cannot settle to the smaller amount and the sequence is getting aborted.