PhD2 still crashing with SBIG API and beta 8

This may well be a PhD problem (posted there too) but I am still having instant crashes of PdD 2.4.1d with the SGP API. It will crash if a light frame is requested either by PhD or SGP. I have the logs except for the API logs - is API logging supposed to turn itself off every time it (or the PC) is shut down? I know I checked logging the last time I ran a test but the API logs were missing in action this time.

Logs I do have:


Same here with PHD 2.4.1e
SGPApiGuider_2015-01-29_18-48-53.txt (479 Bytes) PHD2_DebugLog_2015-01-29_184849.txt (14.7 KB)

Just to update this list (I think you got a private email from Andy on this), Andy has a build with added logging available that I plan to test if it is clear tonite (supposed to be). It is not on the PhD2 page, but I am sure Andy could send anyone using an SBIG internal guider a copy to test.

We really need to nail this down as many SBIG cameras are rendered nearly useless with SGP by this bug. I have kept my main PC with older versions of SGP, the API, and PhD2 that still work, but many may not.