PHD2 v 2.5.0 won't connect to SGP API Guider

Hi, folks.

I’m running SGP version and PHD2 v 2.5.0 and using the SG API Guider v 1.3.0 to try to guide with my SBIG STL-11000M.

Everything appears to be reasonably ASCOMed together and I can control scope, camera, focuser and rotator from within SGP; however when I start PHD2 and connect to my gear I get:

ASCOM error – Cannot start exposure with given parameters:
(ASCOM.SGP_API_Guider.Camera) Device is not connected.

The icons in the PHD2 Connect Equipment panel act as if the connects to camer, mount and rotator all got made.

The logs appear to contain not much more than the UI popup in PHD2 does, although I admit I may not be looking in the right place for the right thing;

00:02:02.641 01.108 10756 StartCapturing CaptureActive=0 continueCapturing=0 exp
00:02:02.642 00.001 10756 Status Line 0:
00:02:02.643 00.001 10756 ScheduleExposure(5000,3,0) exposurePending=0
00:02:02.643 00.000 10756 Enqueuing Expose request
00:02:02.643 00.000 6340 Worker thread wakes up
00:02:02.643 00.000 6340 worker thread servicing REQUEST_EXPOSE 5000
00:02:02.643 00.000 6340 Handling exposure in thread, d=5000 o=3 r=(0,0,0,0)
00:02:02.645 00.002 6340 invoke startexposure: [80020009] Exception occurred.
00:02:02.645 00.000 6340 invoke startexposure:
(ASCOM.SGP_API_Guider.Camera) Device is not connected
00:02:02.645 00.000 6340 ASCOM_StartExposure failed:
(ASCOM.SGP_API_Guider.Camera) Device is not connected
00:02:02.645 00.000 6340 Error thrown from worker_thread.cpp:152->Capture failed
00:02:02.645 00.000 6340 worker thread done servicing request
00:02:02.646 00.001 10756 Alert: ASCOM error – Cannot start exposure with given
(ASCOM.SGP_API_Guider.Camera) Device is not connected

Earlier on I saw an exception that didn’t have much of a description:

00:01:46.711 06.546 10756 Status Line 0: Connecting to Camera …
00:01:47.104 00.393 10756 setting camera Name = SGP ASCOM Guider
00:01:47.108 00.004 10756 invoke: [80020009] Exception occurred.
00:01:47.109 00.001 10756 Connected Camera:SGP ASCOM Guider

Perhaps the 80020009 (an HRESULT I assume) contains some hint as to why although the UI looked like I’d connected I can’t start exposing/guiding?

Thanks for any pointers…


You likely need to specify the guide chip you want to use in the SGP SBIG settings. The STL-11000 has the option to use the Internal or Remote Guide Head.


Thanks, Jared. I realized this just a few minutes after posting. I’d forgotten that I’d reinstalled and shuffled around a bunch of things, and the box had become unchecked in the ensuing fray.

Now my challenge is just getting good enough guide stars under the guide chip that I can guide with decent short guide exposures, and that they won’t wander off chip when guiding pauses for autofocus, etc.

Thanks again,