Pickering's Triangle HOO with RGB stars

I have not done any imaging in a while - on vacation & away from scope etc. Just today put some RGB data into a previous HOO image of Pickering’s Triangle.

You can compare the images (With & Without RGB) at Pickering's Triangle - KinchAstro
Also at the bottom of the page you can view the full FoV of the original camera shot.



Beautiful image Brendan. Thanks for posting.

Nice job Kinch. I need to spend some more time on this target. It’s beautiful!

@niteman1946, @mads0100: Thank you both for the comments.

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I have put up another version on the website;

However, my favorite remains my first effort - with just the Ha & OIII.

Updated the SHO image on 23Aug 2200Z… better than my first attempt and now has higher resolution link.

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