PinPoint 64 bit engine not recognized


I just installed PinPoint version 7 and the 64 bit add-on. SGPro 64 bit is still not recognizing that this is a 64 bit engine. I’m using of SGPro.

I communicated with Bob Denny and here’s what he said:

A 64 bit program will “see” the path to the 64-bit engine as long as they create it with the standard “PinPoint.Plate” ID. If for some reason they are loading the DLL “by hand”, by the hardcoded path name, then they will get the 32-bit DLL and it won’t work. But no one should ever load a COM/ActiveX component like that.

Doesn’t mean anything to me, but I thought it might to you.



Yep, thanks. SGPro’s current implementation of Pinpoint is not compatible with version 7 (yet). It’s on the shortlist though.