Pinpoint plate solves fail with Atlas Catalog

I have no problem plate solving with Pinpoint using the USNO A2.0 catalog but solves fail using a correctly configured Atlas Refcat 2 catalog. The error message I receive is “Solve failed! The value is out of range.: Catalog.” Using the same file path and file structure I can plate solve the same image with Visual Pinpoint. I have added two text files via DropBox. One is an excerpt from the SGP log file covering my Platesolve test. The first event is a failure using Atlas. The second is a successful solve using USNO A 2.0. The other text file is a Visual Pinpoint result solving the same image with Atlas. I have discussed this problem with Bob Denny at DC3 Dreams, and he believes this is an SGP problem, possibly SGP is choking on the number of stars Atlas returns, which exceed the capacity of a 16-bit word.

Here is a DropBox link to the image that was used for the Platesolve test.

Were you ever able to figure this out? I downloaded a trial copy of PinPoint and the ATLAS catalog and am seeing the exact same thing using the just-released 4.3 version of SGP.


No… Honestly, this one slipped by me, but I’ll take a look.

Great. I had given up. Atlas does work great with Astro-Physics APPM. The solves only fail if clouds ruin an image, and the model pointing model is much more accurate. It would be nice if the catalog worked with SGP. It would make blind solves a thing of the past.

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