Pinpoint Plate solving with Atlas star catalogs

I recently downloaded the Atlas catalog and can platesolve through Astro-physics’ APPM. It is not, however working with SGP /Pinpoint. It responds that I need to use the other catalogs. Can anyone clarify whether the atlas db can be used. I am platesolving at 2128mm.

Atlas support for PP is coming in SGpro 4.4. I already have it implemented… working great, beta soon.

Thanks Ken

I have been using SGP Beta, which allows me to use the the Atlas catalog with Pinpoint. Plate solves happen so quickly that they can give you whiplash. Thanks for this outstanding upgrade.

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I tried 4.4 again but whe I try to plate solve sgp shuts down.

If you are able to share logs with us showing the issue, I’m betting we could correct whatever is happening pretty quickly. Thx!

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