Pinpoint setup with smaller image scale

I have a licenced version of PinPoint (App: v5.1.4; Engine: v5.1.8) and I’ve always used the GSC 11 catalog set for up to Mag 20 stars. Normally everything has worked well with my native image scale of 1.12 arcsec/pixel. However, being galaxy season, I’ve added a 2x Powermate to my image train and my image scale is now 0.56 arcsec/pixel with a focal length of 2000mm and a KAF-8300 chip (FOV 23 x 31 arcmin), and I’m getting failures in my plate solving with meridian flips. Is the solution to download USNO A2.0, or is there something else I’m overlooking?


Not sure. There are a few variables here… That said, GSC only works well with images that are 15’ across (or larger). Anything smaller will require USNO.

Sounds like my images are a bit larger than the minimum. Maybe I didn’t have the image scale set quite right. I’ll try again and see if I can tweak things to solve properly with the GSC catalogue.