Planning Tools Chart Issue

After midnight, the Planning Tool stopped showing the Now Marker, sunrise light and the “End at” symbol on every object in the sequence.

Can you please let us know what version you are using?

I have the latest version and the sequence is running.

This is identical to this post.


Thanks. I have located the issue, but have not yet corrected it. The relative nature of the start end times creates situation where the viewable area is out of sync with the times associated with the target. Essentially, the Planning Assistant is plotting all times, but they are “off screen”. Typically, it’s because the start time is considered to be in the past. I need to consider the possible fixes and the implications each carry. Right now, I am leaning toward a solution that will potentially just add 24 hours to the target’s start time (for display purposes only). I need to make sure that doesn’t screw other stuff up.