Plate Solve Accuracy and Image Binning

I am using PlateSolve2. I have set my Scope Centering settings to -
Attempts to center - 3 times
Until error is - 45 pixels
Use filter - Lum filter

Scope Frame and center settings -
Search - 100 regions
bin - 4x4
Exposure - 4 s

My centering has been flawless, usually taking only one or two attempts. But I am not sure how accurate I have been. My question - Is the 45 pixel error limit based on the natural 1x1 bin image pixels or the 4x4 bin image pixels?

I get the sense that the answer is: …the error limit is applied to the 4x4 bin pixel and my actual error in 1x1 pixels is 4x the reported error after success. Can you confirm my assumption?



My centering spec is less than 4 pixel error in 3 attempts. This has been highly reliable and is usually achieved on the second attempt. I shoot luminance, unbinned, 10 seconds. Not sure trying to save some time on the centering process is worth the trade off in accuracy, assuming you need highly accurate centering.


The error is converted to 1x1 before it is reported.

Thanks. That’s the answer I wanted to hear.