Plate solve after flip

Moved to public forum…

From @Moosmann:

We are quite sure about having correct settings for flip now (we had the Problem that the older ascom Driver did somehow come to use, so we deinstalled it). We would like to help compiling the manual. Please let us know where we can assist.

We have now two new Problems.
Our Focuser did Crash. That is most likely a Hardware Problem.
and the plate solve did not work. It did work when we tried before, but nor after the real Pier flip. So was flipped, but the object was not in the middle anymore. I would like to send you the log file, but got the error Messages that it is too big. I removed some focuser Errors and zipped the file. (100.6 KB)

Thank you so much for your help!


The errors you are receiving are from multiple devices so it almost seems like it might be a USB hub failure? Not really sure, but it seems like the Telescope, camera and focuser all start complaining simultaneously that they are not connected.

As for the plate solve failure, that issue is likely addressed in the 2.5.2 beta (the log attached did not show the incident, but it’s highly likely that 2.5.2 will fix it)…