Plate Solve after Meridian Flip

I have a problem that I have not seen addressed in other posts. Due to cabling on my system I do not do automated meridian flips. Usually, a sequence is set up to run and sometime after the flip should occur, I will manually pause the sequence, reacquire the target using Stellarium (this will force the flip), and go back to SGPro. There, I will do a Center to get the target re-centered. The centering will do a successful plate solve, compute where to drive the mount based on the previous center, and do a small correction. If the first solve gets me within 50 pixels, no problem, but if it needs to make a second adjustment, it will send the RA Axis 180 degrees, with the telescope facing the ground.

Looking over the log and there is a field labeled “Flipped” and it is set to “False”. I think this is the root of the problem. After Stellarium does the re-acquire, I think this field may want to be “True”, but I don’t know how to set that.

Attached is the log from last weekend. All of the action takes place starting at 03:32:43 after the sequence pause is detected.

Please take a look and let me know how to get this to work properly. It happened two nights in a row. After the second night I started to look into the logs to see if I could spot something. The log can be found at this link.

Any suggestions are welcome.

SGPro is awesome. I have been using it for about 18 months and really like the features. Soon I will be getting an auto-focuser to figure out and I look forward to figuring that out.


As far as I know the property ‘Flipped’ is determined by the Plate Solving software. Flipped=false means that the image is not mirrored (i.e. the image of a scope with no or an even number of mirrors) whereas Flipped=true means that the image is mirrored (i.e. the image of a scope with an uneven number of mirrors).

SGP also writes this as a FITS keyword to the FITS header.