Plate solve centering problems

I am trying to set up SGP to control my wedge mounted LX200. Plate solve seems to function well with ASTAP but the centering attempts do not succeed. Using the same drivers, Device Hub and the Meade ASCOM autostart/classic telescope driver, and same precision, 50 pixels, APT plate solving will center my scope very well (often with much less error than 50). Over several nights the best SGP was able to do in its centering attempts was to get within 83 pixels before veering off with greater error in subsequent attempts until reaching the the limit set, never with success.

Are there certain settings I should check and/or change or tweak in SGP, or perhaps in the driver settings, to help correct SGP’s centering problems with my particular mount? I think the sensor size and pixel scale for my camera, ASI294MC, are correct. Are there any other factors that affect SGP’s plate solve centering ability?


As no one else has responded I suggest that you might want to take a look at the Control Panel/Telescope tab.

On RHS there is a parameter ‘Sync Behaviour’. I had problems centering until I changed this to 'Target Offset. I was using ‘Sync’.

Not sure this will work for you but suggest you try different options to see if you can get an improvement.