Plate solve dialogue box - how can I stop it?

Hello everyone,

I’ve just started using a Sitech II controlled Mesu-200 mount. Whenever SGP makes a plate solve, a Sitech dialogue box pops up and requires an input whether this point should be added to the sky model as a CalStar or not. Luckily, this dialogue box has an adjustable timer (eg 3 seconds) after which it closes itself and assumes your answer is positive. When this dialogue box closes, SGP Plate Solve dialogue pops up… this one requires you to press enter or click ok. If you don’t, everything halts. This is not an issue when I’m near the scope… but if I go to sleep, and the mount slews to another programmed target or flips for the existing target, it means session will not progress unless the OK button is clicked.

Is there a way to avoid this situation ?

Many thanks in advance.

Clear skies


I am honestly not sure to which dialog you are referring, but if it is the dialog where SGPro asks for hint data, this is never presented during a sequence (only during manual plate solve requests). During a sequence, hint data is fed to the solver by the scope (and control panel defined camera angle for Elbrus).

Hi Ken,

This is the one.

Hi Sedat - yes that appears on my setup after the offset init that the platesolve does

Hi Sadat,

That is the dialogue confirming a manually initiated plate solve/ Solve and Sync

This will not appear when SGP plate solves during a sequence run.


But it does on my system as well - mesu200, sitech and sgpro

Julian, thank you for confirming the same.

Trevor, I have been using SGP for more than 2 years with my Nexstar controlled Vixen Atlux mount so I’m quite experienced. However, this is a new behaviour I’m observing. I’m still familiarising myself with the mount and am not at a stage where I can leave the imaging operation alone and go to sleep. But when the time comes, this will be a problem for sure.

Hi Sadat,

I have just spoken to Julian about this, I did not realise he was getting this as well and must have missed the box when I have been watching his system, never seen it happen before so made an assumption.

And agree this would be show stopper for unattended operation, will be interesting see how/if the Beta changes this behaviour.


I hope so Trevor… otherwise, sleepless nights are ahead :frowning: