Plate Solve fail


Plate solving has never failed me since I moved to pinpoint last March. However, last night for some reason it just didn’t want to play ball. It failed several times.

There was no cloud about - and I’m baffled ! Any help/suggestions much appreciated. I’m a bit worried as it’s always been so robust as to never fail :frowning:

I actually managed to slew to my target before calibrating guiding. I then had some flip issues, but thereafter the solving just failed. I did a laptop reboot and it then started working flawlessly. However, it then failed again about 4am this morning on a new target, so I don’t think it’s flip related

I’m using Windows 7, pinpoint. Version

Log file attached of the first sequence of failed solves. A couple of times to look for are 19.53.22 and 19.57.46

Thanks in advance, appreciate that you’re busy working towards 2.4 release.