Plate Solve fails to send correct scale to solver

I’ve been struggling to get a plate solve to work since moving from a Long FL scope to a wide field setup. The scale that SGP passes to the solvers - and I’ve tried them all - is wrong when the scale of an image is above a certain level.

Using an image from my narrow field setup the scale in the FITS header is 0.915 ("/pixel) and when I right click on the imported image the plate-solve dialogue sets the scale to the value 0.915 taken from the file and the plate solve works. With a WF image the scale field in the FITS header is set correctly to the value 13 ("/pixel ) - taken again from the camera dialogue - but the dialog reports 0 and the platesolve fails.

This has driven me nuts trying to find out what has been going on. Can you please verify this bug and work on a solution.

Many thanks


Can you post a log as well as a FITs that is causing problems?