Plate solve help? Ansvr

Every so often with a Win 10 update, I have to reinstall Ansvr. I am not sure what has changed from the last time to this time.

Would someone see if they can get this image to plate solve in Ansvr, and let me know what settings you used?

FL: 1210mm
CAM QHY163M Bin 2
Scale: 1.3

Indexes downloaded: 4207 to 4211

Settings used:
Scale err: 5
Downsample: 2
Depth: 50


Be much appreciated if someone could help me figure this out. I prefer Ansvr.


Solved in 13 seconds with and the same scale you used. The scale err and downsample were the same as yours.

RA 12:10:46
Dec 62 04 59
Angle 1.88
Scale 1.30

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Crazy, there has to be something broken with my Cgwin or Ansvr

Did you mean index-4207-12?

I have heard other reports of this problem, and the solution has been to uninstall+reinstall. Apparently the Windows 10 update is setting weird permissions on the ansvr install folders. Let’s see if Windows 10 updates continue to do this and if so, we can look into finding a way to prevent it or automatically repair it.

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see the Untitled image

I’m confused, there is no way to specify what index files to use when doing the solve in SGP right? So if I have extra ones, that shouldn’t matter? Are you saying I need to get 4202-4207?


Thanks Andy

I love ansvr when it is working, but every win10 update and my life is thrown into upheaval lol.

As long as you don’t change your equipment you don’t need anything below 4207 (not 4202-4206)

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Did the calculations, and that’s what I thought. Still can’t figure out why it wont solve. Sigh

Okay, for anyone else having this issue with more recent win10 updates, after you do a complete uninstall, I got it working again by running the setup file as administrator (even though I’m already an admin). Right click, run setup as admin. Seems to have done the trick.

This is definitely a permissions issue in windows 10. After running the stop ansvr.bat and start ansvr.bat it stopped working again. If you modify the shortcut to start ansvr.bat here:

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ Local Solver

Right click on the shortcut => Properties => Shortcut Tab => Advanced => Check “Run as Administrator”.

After running it again, it started working.