Plate solve isses, and platesolve 2

Hi, I am suddenly having platesolve issues with both and platesolve2. I am attaching a copy of my logs. TIA for any any suggestions.

sg_logfile_20180426223423.txt (810.6 KB)
sg_logfile_20180424232320.txt (852.1 KB)

With a quick review of these logs, I don’t see being used and I see this error message for PlateSolve2:

PlateSolve: APM file found, but could not not be opened

When you submit a request like this, it would help a lot if you could be more specific about what you were doing and what happened. No one is looking over your shoulder so you need to be detailed about what’s happening.

I suggest you open a known .fit file (File/Open Image…) and manually try to plate solve it to help isolate the issues. That is, right click on the open image and select Plate Solve.

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Thanks very much for taking the trouble to answer. I think I may have found the solution…
If of interest it seems to be as follows: Platesolve2 was not connecting properly to the APM because I had not set it right in SGP. IN the past it was going to the blind solver and solving.
It looks as if Astrometry (which is also the blind solver, right?) was being too slow and so it gave up entirely.
(BTW I could only seem to upload two files and so the log with was not uploaded).
I have managed to platesolve a fit successfully as you have suggested, and hopefully tonight (scope is in Spain) will be able to make some progress.
Thanks once again.