Plate solve issues with Planewave L500


I have a Planewave L500 mount. Sgpro slews to the target fine. When it plate solves, using plate solve 2 (a Planewave product) it shows an error of anywhere from 30 to 150 pixels but will not move the mount at all to center (correct the error). I have the pixel error box set to 10 pixels (below 30-150). It takes another sub and shows the same error over and over and ends up aborting after my pre set 3 tries. Obviously if I set the pixel error to, let’s say 200 it shows success, but the image is not centered. Any ideas? Thanks…


My imaging buddy has a PW L-350 mount running in alt-az mode. We discovered that centering attempts using nuding failed as the PWI4 software (ASCOM interface) does not support centering via nudging (ASCOM MoveAxis() command). It also does not support centering via sync’s since that would mess up your pointing model. So, AFAIK, you can’t implement a centering routine on that mount.

If the mount is in equatorial mode, it might be different and nudging might be supported. However, I believe all PW mounts rely on a pointing model and centering via sync’s would probably not be supported.