Plate Solve User Error

Setting up last eve, I kept getting an error message when attempting to run a sequence. It read, “ the image requires use of plate solver, but image scale is set to 0! Please provide a valid scale in the control panel’s ‘Camera’ tab and try again”. I’m new to SGP and watched several of Woodhouse’s very detailed videos on using SGP but cannot figure what I’ve done incorrectly. I’m lost on where the Camera tab is apart from the equipment profile mgr. I appreciate any feedback.

In the « View » menu, click on « show control panel » then in the « camera tab » in »settings & specs you fill in the Scale and Pixels (number of pixels in both axes) .
To find the scale it’s 206 x pixel size of your camera / focal length of your scope.

J, I’ve got that down. What I’m struggling with is the parameters in PlateSolve 2 are not listing the correct latitude and longitude for my location. I changed them but when I opened back to PlateSolve 2, the default settings have returned to incorrect figures. Eric.

Sorry but I don’t know Plate Solve 2 very well.
Try to use ASTAP instead. It’s much faster and better for plate solving.