Plate Solve with manual rotate prior to sequence start

After starting a sequence, SGP will plate solve, sync and instruct to manually rotate the camera to align with the framing designated in the Frame/Mosaic Wizzard, that all works great. But I’d like to have everything synced and rotated properly so I can pick my guide star and calibrate Phd prior to starting the sequence (I’m using an OAG) and using the sync command does not seem to initiate the rotate adjustment. Am I missing something obvious? Right now I have to start a sequence which plate solves and instructs me to rotate the camera, then I have to pause it, get PHD up and going then re-start the sequence. Seems I should be able to set-up everything prior to initiating a sequence.

You can right click the target to do manual stuff.

Thank you!


been looking for that for ages :smile:

Great stuff